Testimonials and Tidbits


"We adopted a six week old puppy in 2013 named Max and he was a jack Russell mix. Then, four weeks later we got the urge to adopt another puppy and decided to get a Pit Bill puppy, which we named Dakota. At first, she was very timid and calm. We thought she was just going to be a chill dog, but boy WERE WE WRONG! Her name Dakota describes her personality perfectly as wild and free. We really did not know truly what we were doing at the time when we tried to train them and we kept getting frustrated. One of my friends suggested we contact Stacey for help and she came for a couple of home visits. The first interaction she ever had with both dogs, they IMMEDIATELY got in line and did what they were told. No questions asked. I did not realize it at the time, but that was something we wanted so badly with them, but we were just not sure how to achieve it just yet. Guess you could say we lacked the confidence. We started basic classes with both dogs and we learned a ton. We had a moment when it hit us that the training we were doing really was not solely for the dogs, that more or less we were the ones that needed to be trained in order for us to be a happy stable pack(family). Once we realized that, we took training so much more serious and saw a ton of improvement in just a small amount of time. I truly believe that our dogs are who they are today because of Stacey and I could never thank her enough for all she has done for us. We definitely plan to take some refresher courses soon, not for our dogs, but mainly for us to be refreshed, because we forget how they are to act all the time. Again, if you are considering using Stacey for your training needs I would totally recommend her. She is worth every penny. I have given her information to several friends and family members and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for all you have done Stacey. I do not think I could EVER repay you! We plan to use you again in the future when we have other dogs. We have also thought about having our Pit Bull be a canine good citizen and would only have Stacey train with us to achieve this goal."

Rebekah and Chris, Dakota (Pit Bull)

"We brought our dogs for basic obedience training and were so impressed by the expert, warm, encouraging teaching that helped us understand a dog's point of view and how to work with them. Our dogs were pulling so badly on the leash we couldn't take them for a walk.  After the first lesson, our dogs were heeling perfectly on a loose leash, and now taking them for a walk is a delight! Dominion Dog Training is great at teaching people how to interact with their dogs. They are sensitive to the needs of different dogs and are great at "reading" dogs and knowing what to do to help each individual dog. They take training activities and break them down step by step so it's easy to learn. The whole place has a really warm, encouraging atmosphere.  We've tried other kinds of dog training before, but this is far and away the very best!" - Michael, Robin, Nano (Chihuahua Mix), and Emma (Aussie Mix)

"Dominion Dog Training has been a blessing to me and my high-energy bully breed. I went into my first class defeated and dejected with very low expectations. My dog and I both bloomed wonderfully under the instruction at Dominion Dog Training. I developed more confidence and control which has helped me not just with my dog, but with other people too. My dog is happier and gets many compliments. I use the lessons I learned at Dominion Dog Training regularly and have even recommended lessons for some of the dogs that I sit." - Meghan & Guy (Pit Bull Mix) "My rescue puppy was a real challenge to me and his older rescued brother who is the perfectly behaved dog.  Scooter is a very active little guy who likes to be in charge.  My struggles kept me from enjoying our walks.  Scooter displayed terrible aggression on our walks when we he saw other people & dogs.  Stacey came to our rescue!  Turns out I was the one who needed training.  She spent time getting to know us and educating me on understanding dog and puppy behaviors.  With this understanding and her assistance, Scooter has become a wonderful walking companion.  I now know what I need to do when he becomes aggressive thanks to the methods she taught me to use.  Stacey is an outstanding trainer with keen insight and excellent listening skills - she makes training fun and very rewarding.  The results come fast.  I highly recommend Dominion Dog Training – they are the best!" - Meg, Bruiser & Scooter (Yorkie Mixes)

"Dominion Dog Training helped me become an effective pack leader and build a stronger bond between myself and my dogs. My younger dog was a rescue dog that I took to Dominion to help us get to know each other better and build a bond of trust.  My older dog and I had been through many trainers and schools of training and none were better than Dominion.  They helped us get his Canine Good Citizen Certification.  I think that the basis of Dominion’s Training of being a pack leader can make your dog happier and give you a better relationship with your dog.  Any other dog that joins our family will definitely go with us to Dominion!" - Kathi & Kasper (Weimaraner)

"I contacted Dominion Dog Training when I got a pit-bull puppy.  They helped me introduce "Jake" to my German Shepherd, "Sophie," who is 9 years old, and the matriarch of the family. They gave me some excellent tips to help make this transition a smooth and happy one for both dogs, and us humans.  In addition to working one-on-one with my dogs, I have also enrolled Jake in group puppy classes.  I have complete confidence in the information I have received, and I would highly recommend Dominion Dog Training for all humans." - Lynette & Jake (Pit Bull)

"Dominion Dog Training provided a wonderful experience not only for our Doberman, Snoop, but also for my husband and me.  Stacey and Paula went far beyond the basics to get to know the dog, as well as, the owners so that the specific issues can be addressed while in training. We really enjoyed the small group environment because is was a great opportunity for Snoop to interact with others dogs and helped with the training process.  We learned so much more than I ever knew about dogs that we plan to bring our new rescue dog in for training as well! Thank you Dominion Dog Training!" - Daniel, Shawn, & Snoop (Doberman)

“I have a year old male Rottweiler that I brought to Dominion Dog Training.  While he had gone to puppy training at a local pet store, and I had been working with him daily, he responded almost immediately to their calm assertive training.  The trainers were great in working with us both.  Going through their Canine Good Citizen class, we both learned a lot and my dog became a certified Canine Good Citizen.  Thanks Dominion Dag Training.” – Craig & Jager (Rottweiler)

International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) - the association Paula and Stacey belong to as Professional members.
American Kennel Club (AKC) - the national organization for the Canine Good Citizen and Certifications.  Also, an excellent source for breed history & purpose.
AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program - provides detailed information on the program we offer. 
Birmingham Kennel Club - our local chapter of the AKC.  They have conformation (handling classes) at Dominion for those that are interested in competing or just having fun.

Our Mentors
Cesar Millan - the National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer".
Jack & Wendy Volhard - internationally known as the "trainers of trainers", they have published several books, including Dog Training for Dummies which includes the Canine Personality Profile.
Dr. Ian Dunbar - veterinarian, dog behaviorist, and founder of Association of Pet Dog Trainers. 
The Monks of New Skete - a monastic community that is world reknown for its dog training program (they train the CIA and FBI dogs).

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