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Our Difference?
Before your first class with your dog, we have a “people only” orientation. This class helps you understand how dogs think and learn, and why they do what they do. It gives you a head start in understanding dog behavior, dog psychology, dog body language, and how to truly become your dog’s Pack Leader.
We use the dog's instinctual understanding to train them.   In other words we use the language that they have already learned from their mother or their natural pack leader.  We stress the need for you to truly learn and understand your dog's body language, energy level, attitude, and personality to train and motivate your dog.
Although there are several trainer philosophies that we respect and use we primarily follow: Jack & Wendy Volhard, Cesar Millan, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and The Monks of New Skete.

Evaluator#: 46128

IACP#: P-3478

People Training . . . for Dogs!

Instinctual & Behavioral Dog Training